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Healthier food alternatives are changing the market dynamics and now becoming a mainstream option of consumption. To a large extent, Millennials are the spearheads of this change.

In today’s age, Millennials are looking for healthier food alternatives – ready to eat quinoa salad is preferred more than ready to eat fries. Today, consumers are looking for healthier options and vegetarians are demanding more protein-based foods, organic foods, natural, and ‘free from’ ingredients, which include gluten, wheat, and dairy products.

It’s time that we look at these trends as they will shape the face of the food and beverage industry in the days to come. Our lead story Centred on Health (Pages 52-90) looks into today’s healthier eating trends, along with the demand for better tasting   foods that can be consumed ‘on the go’.

Going ahead, the industry will also have to invest in the latest food and beverage technologies to be able to handle the increasing complexities in the supply chain. With consumers aware than ever before about food additives, preservatives and production techniques, it’s also time to consider what changes are needed in processing, packaging, and marketing. As we peer into the future, there are a lot of changes and shifts to look out for, and our lead story offers a few insights that the Industry must take note of.