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Grocery shopping today is in the midst of an evolution. Retailers are adopting a number of technology solutions to face the challenges of tomorrow and ensure a brighter future. In the modern grocery enterprise, adoption of technology and digital transformation involves embracing advanced digital tools that optimize decision-making, learns as it goes,  recommends next-best actions, and moves at a faster speedthan ever before.

Unlike the prior years, when technology was viewed as a necessary evil, grocers are embracing tech investment today as a hedge against fast moving competitors and a catalyst  for growing revenue and earning the loyalty of omni-channelshoppers.

A big reason for the embrace of technology today is the growing maturity of off-the-shelf solutions, especially in such areas as merchandise management, the supply chain and labor management. Another reason is that cloud options offer grocers a new delivery model that can be less expensive and less burdensome to deploy for the IT department.

The embrace of digital transformation by grocers is a major theme playing out today and it spawns a large multi-phase, multiyear process. Although much work is being done to make grocery  stores digitally ready and reliant, much more work lies aheadas grocers seek to grow their businesses in a highly competitive environment and meet the rising expectations of their customers.